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Price: $79.99


    Say goodbye to noises and distractions of the workplace, and hello to crystal clear calls with the ultimate home and office headset. Whether working or commuting, the NXT-700 Pro keeps your calls sounding seamless and professional. An advanced digital sound processor enhanced with patented Noisehush technology eliminates 97 percent of unwanted background noise and picks up your voice regardless of noisy surroundings. Perfect for multitaskers, pair to both your phone and laptop for easy call transitioning. Enjoy supreme all-day comfort and portability from ultra-soft memory foam ear cups, an extra-wide headband, and a flexible rotatable microphone. With intelligent extended battery life, get up to 32 hours of extended talk time on a single charge. Conquer your calls like a pro at work, home, or on the go!

    Product Features:

    • HD Sound
      • Hands-Free Music, Calls and More
      • Compatible with Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, and More
      • Patented NoiseHush Technology
      • Digital Sound Processor Noise Cancellation
      • Left Or Right Flexible Ear Rotatable Mic
      • Full Recharge in 90 Minutes
      • Multipoint Connection
      • Built-In Controls
      • Extra Wide Headband With Large Ear Cups
      • Ultra-Soft Memory Foam
      • Lightweight and Durable Design